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That's What Friends are For

Well they say you are only as good as the company you keep, and thankfully for our crew, we are part of a wonderful music community that is more like family, than friends.

We did a recent Reggae Night gig at one of the local pubs, with a weeks notice, so I imagine, not much lead in time to advertise; suffice to say, there were only a couple of patrons we didn't know by the end of the night. But thankfully we had our wonderful music family come along to support (talk about hire a crowd!), but you know what? It was a great night nonetheless, and it was wonderful to catch-up with everyone too.

So I guess this blog post is really a big thank you to our awesome "framily" (yes I just made that word by joining family and friends together lol) for always supporting us and each other, through this beautiful journey of sharing music.

Thank You to, Leanne (Skip) Hollis, Kiandra (KiKi) Tai, Erica Uangakore, Jorbie Uangakore, Jamie Maika, Jordan Heller, Reuben Gent, Tracey Beardsley, Carol and Hubby Sullivan. Love you guys xoxo

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Erica Uangakore
Erica Uangakore
Sep 05, 2019

Framily....I like it!!!! We love you guys and will always always be here to stalk you....i mean support you 😂😂😂



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