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Passing the time in Lockdown

Firstly we want to start by wishing you and your families well, and trust that you have all been safe and healthy throughout this pandemic. Covid-19 hit the music industry hard, as venues closed one by one, entertainers across the nation lost work and for some, this meant losing their full time incomes. It has certainly put a lot of stress on the industry economically but has also had an impact on peoples mental well being as well.

We watched our muso friends get creative, making the best of a bad situation by live streaming gigs, and as restrictions eased with social distancing some even did small private house gigs.

We watched the world slow down, we slowed down, we had time to breathe and reflect.

I thought I would share some of the things we have been up to as a family, whilst being in lockdown. In May we celebrated alot of birthdays, with myself and Perry's birthdays in May, four of my daughters in May and a couple of mokos in April and May.

We also welcomed a new moko to the family - the newest EnQue fan; gorgeous Noah Seymour born 23 May (Iso Baby) - Congrats to Shaun and Dani Seymour.

One of the hardest things about lockdown is that we have not been able to travel to see our families, and especially with a new grandson; not being able to jump on a plane to Melbourne has been extremely difficult.

Like many others, we took our hand to gardening and growing our own veges. A lot of cake baking was also undertaken, just one of many things that contributed to our Iso weight gain! I had time to upcycle some furniture as a creative outlet and did alot of personal and professional development through live stream seminars and workshops.

On the music side of things, we have started printing our own merchandise and will be adding more products to the merch list. We also managed to finally finish some new original tracks which we are excited to get produced and share with everyone.

With end of year gigs still booked in, and new bookings coming through, we are ready to come out of the band draught, lose a couple of pounds, and get back out there.

We can all say we have lived through and survived a global pandemic in our lifetime, and hope that as things return to normal; people dont forget to take time for their families, their kids, the planet and themselves.

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