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Bob Marley - Legend

It was a stunning and sticky 40 degrees in Fremantle, for the annual Bob Marley Outernational Tribute Show to Bob Marley, the legend and King of Reggae. This event attracts the best local and international reggae artists, djs and bands, to share in their love for reggae music and to celebrate Bob Marley's birthday. A fabulous event that has been endorsed by the Marley Family, who have given their blessing for the General Justice and Mumma Trees (Perth Reggae Legends in their own right, Radio Hosts, DJ's, Event and Promotions Crew) to run this event every year. Always a privilege to play at this one. Some fantastic talent again this year. EnQue grew in numbers for this show - Aaron Davey (Bass), Daniel Harawira (Drums), Jacques LeTourdie (Keys), Natalie Doyle (Lead Vocal), Jordan Heller (Backing Vocal) & Jamie Maika (Backing Vocal) (Sweetest Harmonies Youve ever Heard!). Loved getting together with these guys for rehearsals, drinks and laughs.

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